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The 200 Sportsmen Club - Calendar of Events

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2012 Club Events


1st Meat Raffle 1:00pm

4th Members Meeting 2:00pm

25th Directors Meeting 7:00pm

29th Fishing Derby 7:00am-12:00pm


2nd Members Meeting 7:00pm

30th Directors Meeting 7:00pm


6th Members Meeting 7:00pm

8/9th Picnic Work Party's

10th Spring Picnic

11th Clean-up Work Party

27th Directors Meeting 7:00pm


4th Members Meeting 7:00pm

21st Golf Tournament

25th Directors Meeting 7:00pm


1st Members Meeting 7:00pm

29th Directors Meeting 7:00pm


5th Members Meeting 7:00pm

7/8th Picnic Work Party's

9th Fall Picnic

10th Clean-up Work Party

15th Youth Day

26th Directors Meeting 7:00pm


3rd Members Meeting 7:00pm

7th Fishing Derby 8:00am-12:00pm (Breakfast 6:00am-7:30)

13th First Day Pheasant Season

31st Directors Meeting


4th Turkey Raffle 1:00pm

7th Members Meeting 7:00pm

28th Directors Meeting 7:00pm


2nd Kid's Christmas Party

9th Annual Members Meeting ***2:00pm elections to be held***DUES MUST BE PAID***

26th Directors Meeting 7:00pm


TBA Annual Banquet

13th Members Meeting 2:00pm ***NEW MEMBERS BROUGHT IN***

30th Directors Meeting 7:00pm

Attention 200 Club Members!

Help is always needed to run our events! Come on down and support your club!!

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